Young Rangers 2010

Sunday 20th February 2011


There were volcanoes in the Mendip Hills!

The geological theme continued in October with a visit to the Somerset Earth Science Centre at Moonhill Quarry. Looking down into the deepest quarry on the Mendips, the Young Rangers learnt that over 400 million years ago this had been the site of several volcanoes. The volcanic basalt that is quarried is used for surfacing our roads.

After collecting and identifying different rocks, they moved on to Tedbury camp where they searched for fossils, ate lunch sitting on a wave cut platform that started life south of the equator and finished the day with various conservation tasks: building and fixing steps, cutting back nettles and scrub and litter picking.

YRs Goat Church Cavern

Young Rangers in Goat Church Cavern

In September the AONB Young Rangers went underground exploring Goat Church Cavern in Burrington Combe.