Conserving Black Down Project

Thursday 24th February 2011

The next phase of work on Black Down is underway with preparations for stone pitching to protect the Beacon Batch Barrow around the trig point which marks the highest point of the AONB at 325 metres above sea level.
The Barrow, which forms part of a larger Scheduled Monument designated by English Heritage has been eroded by increasing numbers of visitors. 

Black Down Barrow Feb 2011

Black Down Barrow February 2011

The stone pitching will use local walling stone to create a durable surface around the trig.point which is in keeping with the open and rural appearance of the area. 
The first phase of work is to transport the stone to the site.  Walling stone has been loaded in to 1 tonne bags and is being transported by Supacat to the work site.  The Supacat, operated by local company Nick Tidboald Enterprises,  is a low-impact all terrain vehicle whch can transport heavy loads over sensitive ground with minimal impact.

Black Down Stone Pitching Diagram Febr 2011

Black Down Stone Pitching Diagram February 2011

Once the stone is in place local contractors Heritage Landscapes will be stone pitching over an rea of approximately 6 metre radius from the trig point taking around 6 weeks to complete.  The result will be a durable surface, with vegetation growing between the stones, that will protect the archaeology of the site while providing sustainable access the trig point for visitors to enjoy the far