Ranger News February 2011

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

February 2011

Blackdown Wednesday February 9th 
As we parked in the car park at the top of Burrington Combe. We could see a heap of broken paving slabs that had been tipped out onto the grass. A bit beyond our litter picking, we thought; must notify Andy.
Walking up towards Ellick House the snowdrops are just appearing and will be glorious in a week or so.
Even though it was a dry day it was quite heavy going on the track up towards the gate leading from the twin towers as so much of this is eroded. On reaching the gate we stopped and took stock of the tracks leading away and up over Blackdown. Then we went back to the lane side of the gate to look for signage. The bridleways are clearly marked left and right and at a left diagonal from the gate, but not straight ahead to the top of Beacon Batch.
So in continuing our walk directly up towards the Trig Point at Beacon Batch we were very concerned to find that the track had deteriorated even more since our last visit. Horses hooves have broken away the edge of the track so that the actual path is now becoming non-existent. What is left is becoming a deep gulley and the soil and debris are being washed into it.
Clearly horses should not be on this track as it is not a designated bridle-way. (Horse riders please take note.)
Only one site visit this month, unfortunately. Others had to be rearranged as our other role as grandmothers took us in different directions especially at half term.
Grandparents certainly qualify to be Volunteer Rangers, so never think you are past it!