Ranger News August 2011

Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Sunday August 7th Deer Leap
There were people sitting in their cars when we arrived at Deer Leap watching the approaching squalls of rain tracking across from Bridgwater Bay to Glastonbury Tor.
The picnic site was fairly devoid of rubbish apart from the area around the table which has been badly burned.
As we finished a gentleman thanked us for our work and said that he had been visiting the site for 38 years!
Sunday August 7th Blackmoor
Unfortunately one of the squalls of rain (which were more like cloudbursts) followed across Mendip to the  Blackmoor Reserve.
We picked up as much litter as we could see through the downpour and made a quick survey of the area where the building once was behind the car park.
As usual there was evidence of a big fire with a huge piece of wood spanning the site of fire. The picnicers had also pushed a lot of rubbish in amongst the stones on the right-hand edge.
A great pity that the weather was so inclement as it would have been interesting to count the number of flowering species around the rocky area. These made quite a spectacular sight even through the rain!
Saturday August 13th Burrington
A fresh morning after yet more rain. Huge puddles in the car park and already several outdoor activity vehicles as well as several cars.
We covered the car park and grassy area with two visitors remarking on our activity. One even commented that now he could see why the area was always litter free!
The weather became warmer as we walked over The Ham bringing out the late summer brown butterflies and one large frittillary.
The path descending to the lane above Rickford Rise has eroded badly and in places has become little more than a narrow muddy channel.