Ranger News July 2011

Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Sunday July 12th Deer Leap
The summer holidays are here and everyone is out and about!
We found Deer Leap as busy as the rest of Mendip this morning. Cars coming and going, walkers, photographers, those just admiring the view and a full scale picnic complete with white tablecloth!
There are two barbecue sites- one in front of the stone stile and the other in the car park by the wall. We cleared away cigarette ends, broken glass and a bag of prawns!
The actual picnic area was almost clear of rubbish however, which was pleasing as there were many people using it.
Sunday July 31st Blackdown
The car park at the top of Burrington Combe was very full when we arrived and we passed walkers, cyclists and horse riders in our visit to Blackdown.
As always we picked up a great deal of broken glass at Beacon Batch as well as discarded wrappers and tissues. In fact there was more rubbish at the trig point than in the Burrington car park on this walk.
We picked whortleberries and found them to be ripe and very sweet. On a warm late summer afternoon you could be happily employed picking enough to make a pie. The effort will be long, but worth it as the flavour is very good!