Advanced Young Rangers November 2011

Wednesday 23rd November 2011

This month the AONB Advanced Young Rangers carried out a Kestrel Survey at Blackmoor and Netherwood.  After a cloudy start to the morning the sun broke through and two kestrels were recorded overhead on the thermal air currents waiting to dive into the heather to catch their prey. 

This was part of a joint project between the Hawk and Owl Trust and the AONB.  This project has its own Facebook page and website which are interlinked.  The main emphasis of this partnership project is to raise the awareness for raptors within the AONB. This is done by enabling people to participate in surveys, send in sightings and most of all to let them take an interest in the conservation of these special birds.  Already it is proving popular with many sightings coming in, lots of bookings on night time Owl survey walks and daylight raptor walks.