Ranger News January 2012

Thursday 26th January 2012

Friday December 2nd Burrington Ham
It was a bright start as we arrived at the Burrington car park with the first significant air frost of the winter leaving a light covering on the car wind-screen.

There were two vehicles from Mendip Outdoor Pursuits full of students who clambered out in climbing gear and proceeded to start working in groups on the cliff side.
They were watched by goats that were at the top of the cliff and showing great interest!

As we covered the car park and grassy areas we found there to be very little rubbish which was very gratifying.  We then walked down past the Burrington Inn and up the lane over Burrington Ham enjoying the sight of some beautiful orange and red fungi in several spots on the side of the path.

We passed a dog walker on our return route above the village who thanked us for out efforts as we collected litter along the lane.

January 2012
Happy New Year to all those who use the Mendip Hills, in whatever capacity. 

May we all continue to cherish the heritage that the hills give to us.