Ranger News April 2012

Monday 30th April 2012

After a warm March, which did indeed go out like a lion, April started, for me, with a cold, wet and sharp wind at Deer Leap at the beginning of the month to a very benign sit in the sun with coffee and sandwich on the limestone pavement at Burrington Ham at the end, with much shower dodging in between!  However the rain is not soaking down into the underground systems and it is noticeable that the paths are drying quickly after quite heavy showers; though it is much pleasanter for walking.

May blossom is out, bright green hawthorn and birch are in leaf with sycamore, pussy willow, chestnut and others following. Wonderful marsh marigolds at Blackmore reserve, bugle, the first bluebells, swathes of lady’s smock and aconite along the hedgerows.

Two men pacing the tunnels at Blackmore reserve, looking for adders, a week late methinks, as it was very cold and wet, self respecting adders I am sure would stay in during such weather.

I have noticed and reported small amounts of grit and tarmac dumped at the car park at Burrington Ham, still not many people about, though the weather is very unpredictable. I am looking forward to the volunteer meeting and walk at Velvet Bottom at the beginning of May.

April 2012