Ranger News May 2012

Monday 11th June 2012

It rained and it rained. The dry stone-walling and volunteer meeting, with a walk at Velvet Bottom, were cancelled due to severe flood warnings.

A week later the skies had cleared and there were more cars in the car parks and waves of forget-me-nots at Blackmoor. There is a big puddle by the gate from Velvet Bottom, which makes the return back into the reserve quite tricky, also I had a report of adders.

I noticed a few bluebells on Black Down when we were dragging brushwood up to the trig point, to block a closed path, as part of the erosion management of the Commons. I find it very frustrating when people ignore signs, it seems a bit selfish, especially as the Burrington Commons are so well used, it makes some of the paths quite difficult to walk or ride.  Having said that, the last time I went up to Black Down at the end of the month I noted that the paths were lovely, that it was 19° and sunny and I heard my first cuckoo!

Nothing like a bit of sunny weather to cheer the soul.
May 2012