Ranger News June 2012

Wednesday 4th July 2012

Again it has been the rain that has dominated this month. For the first time I cancelled a session as it was just too ridiculous to go out, but mainly I have had good walks in spite of the weather.
The Signing and Interpretation survey has dominated much of this month, dictating that we stay in the Burrington Commons area. I have really enjoyed talking to people with the survey. Everyone wants to get something different out of their time on the hills which must make it hard to manage as no one is going to be completely pleased.
The main reasons people enjoy the area seem to be the peace and quiet, the moorland environment and the 360° views. I usually go out in the week but spent a few hours one Sunday at the trig point for the survey. I was amazed by the number of people around, including a DoE group from Swindon who had been doing their Bronze Award all weekend.
Motor cycle scramblers and dog mess are the chief complaints but there is real sense of ownership by the regular users.
I worked with Owen’s volunteer team putting bark chippings around the seat in the middle of Blackmoor Reserve. A good but exhausting day was had by us all. The bench and paths look much better now.

Will July be as wet?

June 2012