Ranger News July 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012

Still wet, but with the correct kit we can still have good days out on these hills. The smell of wet bracken and earth, warm and woody, the desolation of the hills is very evocative.  The foxgloves have been wonderful this year and spring up in the dips and valleys of Black Down.

I have been blaming footfall and bikes for the erosion of the paths coming down from the trig point, but in this weather the paths have been turning into streams running off the hills. As the paths are down to rock in some places it is easier to walk on than the mud at Burrington Ham!

Back to Blackmoor Reserve after time spent on Burrington Commons for the survey. One of the rainiest duties here this month, empty but lots of flowers, Orchids, Campion, red & bladder, Field scabious, Stonecrop, Heather, and many others. I drove round to the Velvet Bottom end of the reserve, as the rain had got much heavier, the puddle by the gate is getting worse, however there is not as much litter as not as many people!

Deer Leap was shrouded in mist, but as always, people were up there, watching the view appear and disappear, good phone signal though!

July 2012