Ranger News August 2012

Monday 10th September 2012

It was quite a busy AONB month but now realise that I did only two ranger duties! I am not going to go on about the weather…sunny, wet, cloudy but mostly mild and lots of wildflowers. I have had my lunch up on Beacon Batch a couple of afternoons, one afternoon I sat and watched kestrels hunting on the hillside, beautiful.
Chew Valley Lake information presence was a useful exercise, but as it was really wet there weren’t many people around. I went on a guided walk with Andy along the Limestone Link from Dolebury Bottom to Chew Valley, it was a great day and lots of interesting conversations, the walk also joined up unfamiliar parts of the AONB for me. I was on Black Down for both of my duties this month, I still get momentarily lost, the maze of pathways is quite complicated, but the occasional landmark tree as well as the usual suspects up there get me back on track. The drainage work that we did earlier in the month looked successful but it is the paths on the south side that are still quite difficult to walk.
It does not seem to be as busy as last summer, though Burrington Coombe car park was full of young climbers and cavers at the beginning of the holiday, a gladsome sight!

August 2012