Young Rangers July 2012

Wednesday 26th September 2012

The Young Rangers celebrated finishing the first year of their programme with an overnight camp at Fernhill Farm. 

Arriving at the farm in wet and windy weather the first task to be done was to set up the camp.  Working in teams the group soon pitched their two large bell tents and made a fire pit and cooking area (with some welcome shelter offered by a cattle shelter). 

A tour of the farm with Andy Weir was a chance for the Young Rangers to learn about farming in the AONB and learned how the farm’s own Wetland Eco Treatment system purifies all their dirty water without chemicals.  The group then helped Andy Weir and his team plant vegetable seed in the farm’s garden to provide home-grown food for the Fernhill kitchen – this was a helpful task that could take place in relative shelter as the rain got heavier.

In the evening the weather improved and the Young Rangers cooked a meal at the campsite including a hearty stew with damper bread cooked on a stick followed by chocolate baked bananas and toasted marshmallows.  Then, as the sun was setting the group, equipped with bat detectors, ventured afield to identify the species of bat living around the farm.