Young Rangers SEP2012

Saturday 6th October 2012

The second year of the AONB Young Rangers programme began with a rock climbing adventure at Sandford Quarry.  The activity, led by instructors Andy and Tom from the Charterhouse Centre, began with a bouldering exercise which involved moving horizontally along the foot of the rock face at a low height to get used to rock climbing techniques.
Once the group had got the hang of the basics they were able to progress to climbing vertically up the rock face working in teams with a belayer securing the end of the rope for each climber and a spotter guiding them to the best footholds.  Andy and Tom set up 4 colour coded climbs of varying difficulty and everyone was able to have a go and build up to the more difficult routes.  During the lunch break the group identified peregrines and buzzards flying over the quarry using their raptor identification skills developed working with the Hawk and Owl Trust.  In the afternoon the group faced a fresh challenge with the opportunity to abseil down a 25 metre rock face.