Ranger News February 2013

A cold sunny start to the month, at Blackmoor Reserve, honeysuckle, Coots, a Heron, a Kestrel also the sound of the trees as they sway and the branches tap against each other, a strange sound I hadn’t noticed before.
Deer Leap, clouds and shafts of light across the Levels, water lying in the fields. High winds and sheltered corners, banks of primrose in the dell by the bridle path, but the ground between the fields and road seems driven over, muddy and bashed around somehow.
A lot of litter down Burrington Coombe, lots of cars about, Cheddar road was still closed, though not many people on the  hills. On Blackmoor the going was still very slow and slippy, hopefully it will gradually start to dry out.

February 2013

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