Young Rangers October 2013

Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Young Rangers Caving and John Muir Award

Before we Explore!

Before we Explore!

Today was our second session of young rangers. The activity that we did today was caving (it was really fun)!

Once we had all arrived at Charterhouse we put on the right size boiler suits and helmets and caught the mini bus to the caves in Burrington Combe. Next we split up into two groups, one for those who wanted a challenge and the other for those who wanted to start off a little easier and progress as they went on.  As we went deeper and deeper into the cave we saw more and more people who were also exploring the cave. We managed to go very far down into the cave (roughly 70 metres)! One of the things that I enjoyed most was the “drain pipe.”

The drain pipe is a small confined tunnel, shaped as a drain and goes on for about 15metres. The size and shape of the tunnel varied. Some of the time I could just about crawl on my hands and knees and on other occasions I was wriggling along on my belly!

As we headed back out of the cave we came across some steps called “midget’s steps” which were very smooth with some small foot shaped holes in them which acted as perfect small steps! When we reached daylight we walked back down the stream and jumped on to the minibus.

When we arrived back at Charterhouse we took off all of our equipment and had some lunch. For the rest of the afternoon we learnt about the John Muir Award and started our scrapbooks.

Millie Warren