Young Rangers November 2013

Wednesday 27th November 2013


Young Rangers First Aid Course Charterhouse 16th November 2013

First we did some bandaging and then we did some slings. Then we watched a funny video called “American First Aid”. After that we did CPR on dollies and the kiss of life. The most fun part was going down to the reserve where the leader took us through some scenarios. The leader had some putty that looked like skin, he also had fake blood. He placed realistic wounds on the group, such as on their arms. Then other members had to dress the wounds. We also had to make up a story. My story was being pecked by a giant chicken, since my wound looked like a big peck.
Finally we went back to the church and we talked about our best bits of the day. My best bit was the scenarios. I have now learnt how to do CPR, Bandaging and kiss of life.

Saffron Tucknott