Young Rangers January 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014

TELESCOPEJAN13smIn January, the Mendip Hills AONB Young Rangers met at the Charterhouse Centre. We were given garden cutting tools before we walked down to the lead flues on Blackmoor Reserve. We cut back the vegetation that was overtaking the flues, so that people could see them. When we had finished we walked back to the Centre for hot drinks and a bite to eat before a talk about the Universe. In the lecture we learned about the North Star, which is over the North Pole so it appears to stay still in the night sky, and how to find it. We also learned about how an asteroid is a meteor or shooting star when it burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere, becoming a meteorite when it hits the ground. We got to hold a bit of a meteorite that landed in South America – it was heavier than you would expect because of the iron in it, and it smelled like blood! Finding out about how small our planet is compared to other planets and stars made you feel very small. After the talk, we went to the Observatory, which seemed bigger on the inside than the outside. Unfortunately it was cloudy, but we had the telescope focused on the aerial on Pen Hill. It was still interesting and amazing how far you could see and the detail that you could see it in.