Young Rangers March 2014

Monday 24th March 2014

Young Rangers 15th March 2014 


After arriving at Charterhouse we were soon told about navigating with a map and compass. With the majority of us fully understanding how to use them we set off in small groups of around 5 to 6 people in each on a walk around the Mendips.

Each group was given a set of instructions of their destination and means of getting there. The first of which was having to count 1800 double steps (which I did) in a certain direction using the compass. One of the rangers identified wild basil, which we ate whilst looking at the stunning scenery and the lead drain pits. These pits were used to drain lead in the water so it didn’t flow into rivers and make local Cheddar civilians go mad!!! These tasks were carried out until we got back to Charterhouse exhausted, thirsty and tired.
Another highlight of the day (apart from lunch) was when one of the young rangers (anonymous) decided it was a good idea to jump in a bush covered in thorns and brambles. He came out unscathed but wearing a sorry look on his face. 😀

Jack Lalande