Young Rangers Day

Deer Leap Barn

Deer Leap Barn

On Saturday we met at Charterhouse and got into the mini bus. We drove to Deer Leap. When we arrived we were given a picture bingo sheet. The sheet consisted of pictures that Nichola had taken a day or two before of features and wildlife we might see on our walk. We walked through the field and played bingo as we walked, crossing off the pictures as we went. We spotted dry stone walls, wild flowers, butterflies, signs and one picture was a view of the valley. When we reached the other side of the field we could see really dark clouds starting to pour with torrential rain on the other side of the valley, we could see it was moving towards us so we headed to the barn.

Just as we started to walk to the barn the rain poured down, it was very heavy. We sat in the barn for a while, then we filled in an ‘Opal’ survey booklet. In the first survey we counted as many bugs as we could near a wall. in the second survey we looked around an area with no man made structures. After this we cleared some stinging nettles, we had gardening gloves to do this. We walked back up to the car park, the weather had now cleared up.

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