Young Rangers September

Tuesday 21st October 2014

YR 20th Sept 2014 (5)On Saturday the 20th of September we went to Hewish we left at 9pm instead of 10 am so we could have more fun earlier on in the day. All of us scrambled in the mini bus and got sett for raft building and the assault course. when we got there we met our instructors (one of them i had for kayaking with scouts). After that we had a look at what we needed to build the rafts with. then we constructed them. we used climbing rope to lash the barrels together and used battens of wood to strengthen them so they wouldn’t fall apart in the river. the group then walked over to the assault course. first was the balance beam, second was the climbing wall that changed height each time we got over, third was the stepping tyres, forth was the big blue pipe which people had to slide down through head first or slide on top of it, fifth we had to climb under a net which was really muddy, sixth was where you climb through a tyre without touching it. then there was a pipe which led to a mud pit and you had to then get out. last was the tyre wall and you had to go right over the top and down the other side. after the assault course we went rafting. we dropped the rafts in and then got in, they were very wobbly but we stayed up. then we all had a race from the bridge to the other bridge. after that we all jumped in and got soaked. we then wen back to the charter house centre and got picked up.
Thank you to all the leaders.

Joseph Ford