Practical Tasks Volunteers

Monday 24th November 2014

Mendip Rocks! Festival
As a part of this year’s Mendip Rocks! Events the AONB ran two days of practical conservation tasks with our practical tasks volunteers joined by other conservation volunteers.

Firstly helping restore a section of wall on Wavering Down with great views as we worked with Hayley Dorrington from the National Trust who with her volunteers guided us through the intricacies of this traditional task.

WestburyQuarryOCT2014smThe second task allowed us a behind the scenes look at the fascinating Westbury Quarry. The quarry is now used as a location for explosives testing and Nigel Taylor, the quarry manager gave us a great insight into managing it for wildlife alongside the business. Once we had been given the guided tour, our task was to open up a footpath and restore some fencing so that visiting groups can access a geological SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).



BlackDownNOV2014smIn recent weeks we have been installing fencing on Black Down to divert visitors from an unofficial path and carrying out general maintenance work at Fircrest woodland, Priddy.