Young Rangers October and November

Monday 24th November 2014

October – Landscape Detectives

We were joined by Rachel Shaw who took us on a journey of discovery about the history of Charterhouse. Everyone dressed up as a character from the past and found out how todays landscape was influenced by the people and industry of the area.

November – Nut hunt

Our theme was dormice, so we were joined by Stuart Bardsley, Discovering Black Down Project Officer who took us to Burrington Ham to learn about dormice. We collected hazel nuts to look for evidence of these elusive creatures. When the rain stopped we did some shelter building in the woods.

Young Ranger Alicia  wrote –

On this month’s young rangers we went to Burrington Combe to do some dormouse hunting, well not exactly…

We were told that instead of looking for dormice we had to look for nuts that dormice have eaten and when we found a lot we took them back to the Charterhouse to study them even more.

But we didn’t just do dormouse hunting we did den building to! We had to use wood, leaves and sticks to build our dens we did not have any string or covering we just had to use the natural landscape around us. When we finished there were lots of dens big and small round and tall. Lots of them were really well camouflaged with lots of brown leaves and green leaves for decoration.

I really enjoyed this month’s Young Rangers even though it was horrible weather. We manged to still have a decent time!