Starfish Film Premiere

Tuesday 19th May 2015
Bomb Crater

Bomb Crater

Premiere of Black Down’s WWII ‘Starfish’ film

Over sixty people attended the World Premiere of ‘Starfish’ on Saturday 9th May at Blagdon Village Club. The Children of Blagdon Primary school with help from Ruth Coleman (Starfish Producer) and Biggerhouse Film, visited Black Down and researched the story of the Starfish decoy town to produce a short film. A mixture of live drama and animated sequences tell the fascinating story behind the decoy town on Black Down during World War II. The film is now available to view on the Discovering Black Down website along with lots of information on Black Down during WWII and Starfish.

To find out about starfish or any of the other fascinating projects that are taking place go to Discovering Black Down or contact Stuart Bardsley, Discovering Black Down Project Officer on 01761 462338, or email Stuart Bardsley