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Young Rangers MaySM

Fernhill Farm Visit

Farm Visits
Our May session was one of contrast.  First we went to Fernhill Farm, where we were met by Jen.  We were taken on a tour of the farm, looking at the sheep and cattle, we visited their orchard and looked at their water purifying ponds.  Once we were back at the farm, Jen showed us how to make woven wool mats for sitting on and we all tried them out over lunch.  Then it was into the minibus to head down to Lyecross where we were met by Nick who took us round their dairy farm.  Unfortunately they have had problems with TB so there weren’t as many cows as usual.



Young Rangers JuneSM

Chancellors Farm Meadow

Chancellor’s Farm 
What an amazing meadow!  Pippa from Somerset Wildlife Trust lead the day, showing us round Chancellor’s Farm – a traditionally managed farm with fantastic flowering meadows at this time of year.  As a part of the day, we learnt about how to identify the different flowers and compared the plants in two areas of the farm.

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