Young Rangers SEP2015

Tuesday 24th November 2015

Saturday 19th September

Our first meeting.

YRs OCT15sm(4)The first thing we did was true and false. After that we did nose jousting which is amazingly fun. We all did some more team games including “the magic stick”.
Then we when for a ramble. On the ramble we learn about the old mining that they use to do in Charterhouse. We did a blind fold trail and got covered in mud.
On the way back to the centre we did a scavenger hunt.
By the time we had all finished it was nearly time for use to go home so we headed back to the centre.
When we got back we all played man hunt for five minutes. Then it was time to go home.
We all had a great time but by the end we were all really tired. We all had an amazing first day!!!!!!