Young Rangers Caving

Wednesday 9th December 2015

When we all got to Charterhouse Andy and Andy took us into a shed with lots of caving equipment. They got us all kitted up with; A boiler suit, a belt (so that they could attach a karabiner if they needed to), and a helmet with a headlight attached.

Once we were all done the 2 Andys took us over to the minibuses and drove us to the bottom of the hill from ‘Goatchurch Cavern’. We all walked up and on the way Andy and Andy showed us ‘Sidcot Swallet’. When we all got to Goatchurch we sat down and Andy and Andy gave us a safety talk. They then split us up into 2 groups: one group started off with simple things and the other group started full on caving! Then we set off. It was all really fun! The caving and all the things we learnt! Overall it was a great day!


p.s. In the afternoon the group learnt about John Muir, founder of our modern conservation movement. All participants should come away with a John Muir Award at the end of the 2 year scheme.