Success for a Wide Range of Projects that Benefit the Mendip Hills

Monday 7th November 2016

The Mendip Hills Fund has awarded six grants to a range of community and environmental projects.

The Mendip Society will be able improve their woodland in the Chew Valley. A nationally important archaeological dig that is unearthing new discoveries in Ebbor Gorge and a local archaeological project in Chewton Mendip that is interpreting research to the community will benefit.

Different groups will also be able to enjoy the Mendip Hills more through grants. Mendip Caving Group will be able to take younger groups caving thanks to improved facilities. In Charley’s Memory helps people and their families struggling with mental health problems, they will be able to bring more groups out. And the village of Stoke St. Michael will be able to have a wide variety of events all year round by buying two marquees.

In total the fund has given out nearly £6000 this autumn. The Mendip Hills Fund is a partnership between Somerset Community Foundation and Mendip Hills AONB Partnership providing a community fund to conserve and enhance the environment, communities and economy of the Mendip Hills.

Jim Hardcastle, manager of the Mendip Hills AONB Unit said, ‘It’s great to see such a wide variety of local people benefitting from the fund. This year we had a total of £24000 worth of applications for a pot of only £6000. I’m on a mission to make the fund much bigger so we can help many more groups.’

Funds are raised from businesses, residents and visitors who wish to give something back to this very special part of Somerset, helping to conserve and enhance the special qualities of the Mendip Hills, and benefit local communities. To donate visit Somerset Community Foundation