Rural Tourism Business in Somerset?

Tuesday 14th February 2017

New RDPE funding opportunity for rural tourism infrastructure projects in Somerset.

Funding is available to support the costs of capital expenditure on rural tourism infrastructure. So if you are planning a project please consider whether your business/organisation might be a in position to bid for funding (the following information might be useful)

Jobs + growth + rural – the main aim of the RDPE Growth Programme is to create jobs and growth in the rural economy. So all applicants must demonstrate how they will achieve this.

– Total funding available for Heart of the South area £2,088,555
– Project grants available: minimum £35,000 maximum £170,000
– Grants available 40% to 100% of costs dependent on the type of business you operate and the type of project you are planning
– Project duration: 2 years
– Timescales: Applications open
– Expression of Interest (EOI) – deadline 31 March 2018
– Project must be completed and paid for by 31 March 2019
– Match funding is required (please see Rural tourism infrastructure handbook for full details) link below

Examples of projects considered:

– New access infrastructure – such as investment in paths to connect existing footpaths and cycle paths
– Extending a local museum to include new viewing gallery and small area for cafe
– Extension of an existing visitor attraction which adds to the range of attractions creating an ‘all weather attraction’
NB – New or extended visitor accommodation is not a priority for this call. These projects will only supported where there is clear un-met market need and demand.

Who is eligible for funding? – the list below details the types of projects considered and businesses/organisations that are eligible to apply for funding

Examples projects considered  (these are illustrations only)

1.Commercial profit-making project

Tourist attractions
Retail Outlets
Food and drink outlets

Who can apply?

Small businesses, including social enterprises
Farmers wanting to diversify into tourism

2.Has some income to offset costs, but is not intended to make a profit

Small buildings for tourist information

Who can apply?

Rural businesses, including social enterprises
People or groups representing rural communities
Public bodies

3.Generates no income

Free tourist attractions for example local landmarks

Who can apply?
Rural businesses, including social enterprises
People or groups representing rural communities
Public Bodies

Eligible costs – (full list of eligible and non-eligible costs can be found in the supporting RDPE handbook )
Constructing or improving existing buildings
Buying new equipment and machinery
How to apply?
Two-stage competitive process – 1st Stage: Expression of Interest (EOI) 2nd Stage: if your EOI is approved you will be invited to submit a Full Application

Please see The RDPE Rural Tourism Infrastructure Tourism Handbook which will tell you if you are eligible, the funding available, how much can be applied for, and guide you through the application process

Please contact the RPA for more details
03000 200 301