Dormouse and Adder recruited by Mendip Hills Fund!

Monday 27th February 2017


We have recruited a dormouse and an adder to help raise money for the Mendip Hills Fund!

MHFBadgeBox2017aCould your business help by having a badge box on the counter or in reception? Visitors make a donation for each badge and all the money goes to the Mendip Hills Fund.

The fund gave £6000 to local projects last year that help make the area look better and support community groups. An incredible £2200 has been raised through badge box donations!


Thanks to those brilliant local companies that are already helping by having a badge box or through the Visitor Giving scheme. They get listed on our website and regularly promoted, alongside feeling good that they’re helping to look after the special Mendip Hills. Your business could help by having a badge box. We’ll drop the box to you and collect the donations regularly so there’s no hassle for you. To get your Badge Box and Badges please email us Mendip Hills AONB or ring 01761 462338


The adder is the UK’s only venomous snake. They use the famous drystone walls on the Mendip Hills to bask on and live in.

MHFDormouseThe dormouse, an endangered species that can still be found in woodlands on the Mendip Hills.

Funded Last Year by Mendip Hills Fund
The Mendip Society woodland.
A nationally important archaeological dig in Ebbor Gorge.
A local archaeological project in Chewton Mendip.
Improved facilities for the Mendip Caving Group.
‘In Charley’s Memory’ to help families struggling with mental health problems visit the area.
Villagers in Stoke St. Michael to buy two marquees.