7 Reasons to Be a Young Ranger

Tuesday 30th May 2017

As part of National Volunteering Week (1-7 June) we asked one of our own Young Rangers to give us 7 reasons why you should volunteer as a Young Ranger or with any group that gets outside.

 Young rangers in woodland Mendip Hills AONB unit

1 Exercise

I do a lot of dance out of school, but that is very different to working outdoors. I love getting out of breath and feeling the oxygen in my chest. One time we build a dry stone wall and I ached for days!

2 Meeting people

As a teenager, there are lots of pressures with friendship groups. I really enjoy volunteering with different people away from my school, who I can be different with. The social aspect of volunteering is really important to me.

3 Helping your community

I get a satisfaction from helping my local community, especially as a young person, so that we can show that we are interested in other people.

4 Learning new skills

I love learning new skills, partly because it might be useful to have on my CV but mostly because I enjoy learning new things. We learnt how to build a dry stone wall, which was really interesting.

5 Getting work experience

During volunteering with Young Rangers it was really important for me to get work experience of conservation work, as this is one of the things I might go into and because it’s competitive, you need to have lots of experience.

6 Helping wildlife

Helping wildlife is really important to me. It makes me sad and angry when I think about what is happening to the wildlife in this country and so I feel a real satisfaction when I do my bit for wildlife and wildlife conservation. It’s rare for young people to get involved in this and so I think this was an important side to the Young Rangers scheme.

7 Mental wellbeing

The impact on my mental health is a really important aspect of volunteering outside for me. Life as a teenager can be pretty stressful with exams, school, friendship and social media. I love doing things outdoors and find this really great for de-stressing and relaxing. I particularly love coppicing for this and the work at the Chew Valley Ringing Station was good for this where we could really get stuck into the work.

It’s not too late to apply to join our Young Rangers. Details here http://www.mendiphillsaonb.org.uk/young-rangers/