Announcing our Protected Landscapes Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Alongside conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the area each AONB team has a duty to support a strong rural economy. We are proud and delighted to be part of the protected landscape family in the South West that has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Tourism’.

Here’s the announcement in full:

To all of you at the South West England’s Protected Landscapes.

We would like to offer our warmest congratulations on receiving the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award” at the prestigious South West Tourism Excellence Awards last Thursday night.

The critically important South West visitor economy, so wonderfully and diversely represented here tonight at the South West Tourism Excellence Awards, owes a huge debt and vote of thanks to the winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award.

Every single business in this room, and every single person who lives in this beautiful region, benefits from what this award winner brings to the South West.

This award winner does not charge us for entry, yet they are a primary reason that visitors choose the South West to come for their holidays. The winner is diverse and is present in every county that makes up representation at these prestigious awards.

The teams that work at this brilliant award winner range from volunteers on one hand, to key staff who run and manage the assets. I have been privileged to have worked with several of them at close quarters and know also the pressures that they are under to retain funding to maintain the Natural Capital that we all love and cherish.

Today, Tourism in the South West would like to recognise the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Tourism’ that the Protected Landscapes make, that in turn, enables us to deliver such wonderful, and varied visitor experiences for our guests.

We would like to ask the following to come up on stage to accept this award on behalf of all the South west Protected Landscapes.

Richard Drysdale representing the National Parks

Chris Woodruff representing the AONB’s

Ken Carter from The South West Coast Path

And Sam Rose from the Jurassic Coast, also representing the GeoParks

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Protected Landscapes……

Our investment in the local tourism businesses carries on in March with ‘Experience the Mendip Hills – Training for Local Tourism Businesses’.