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Mendip Way Project

The AONB Unit is working to develop a project to raise the profile of the Mendip Way through route improvements, improved information, signage and promotion. The Mendip Way is a 50 mile long-distance footpath across the Mendip Hills from Weston-Super-Mare to Frome.



A survey of the West Mendip Way (Weston-Super-Mare to Wells) has been completed by the AONB Volunteer Rangers in order to cost the improvements needed to access furniture and signage. Developing links off the Mendip Way to nearby villages and key points of interest are being agreed in consultation with local communities.

The project will also include:

  • On-site interpretation at key gateways and sites/viewpoints of interest.
  • A Mendip Way website.
  • Full route guide with description and directions in 2 versions (eastwards and westwards) available to download as a PDF.
  • Printed or downloadable (PDF and GPS) circular walks along the route.




Education Resources

A Learning Zone website is being developed by the AONB Unit that will be a resource for learning about the AONB and promoting understanding of the areas special qualities. A range of themes linked to the AONB Management Plan have been developed with learning resources, an interactive map and links to our partners and other web sites.


  • Resources used in delivering the Mendip Hills AONB Young Ranger scheme over the last 10 years, linked to the John Muir scheme, are being adapted for the web site.
  • Target audiences are teachers, students and the general public.
  • A toolkit of new learning resources themed around the geology of the Mendip Hills has been produced for use at events and activities.
  • The toolkit includes a 3D model explaining the geology of the Mendip Hills, a children’s mobile-making craft activity, fossil rubbings and a geological timeline puzzle.

Full Annual Review 2015-2016 (PDF download 2.5MB)