Sammy Fraser pictured above is our new Volunteer Coordinator who will be working with the Young Rangers commencing April 2017.

Young Rangers

The Mendip Hills AONB Young Ranger Scheme has been running since 2005 when the first two year programme was set up with 15 Young Rangers aged 11- 15 years, selected from local schools. Fairlands in Cheddar, Chew Valley School, The Blue School in Wells, Churchill Community School and Oakfield School, nr Frome.

Young Rangers 2015-2017

Young Ranger Programme 15 – 17 Year 2
Photo AONB Unit

Saturday 19th September marked the start of a new Young Ranger programme for 2015-2017 with get to know you games and team tasks before the Young Rangers went exploring our local Blackmoor Reserve. A great time was had by all with everyone joining in the activities with enthusiasm. We’ve got some knowledgeable Young Rangers who are very keen to get to know the Mendip Hills and we are looking forward to learning more together.

If you have any queries about our Young Rangers scheme please contact Mendip Hills AONB



VillesbookThe Mendip Hills AONB is supporting the NSPCCs Villes book project
Martin Roberts, author and presenter of Homes under the Hammer has written a book in his Villes Childrens book series especially for this much loved charity. The book has been written especially to support the NSPCC Schools programme and will be given free to every child aged 9/10 in schools across Bath & North East Somerset and Somerset including North Somerset.



The Europarc Federation – the umbrella organisation of Europe’s protected landscapes, set up the model for such schemes and it is this model that the Mendip Hills AONB has followed.

The scheme aims to promote better understanding of why this area is so important and to give experience and understanding of countryside management. It also provides life skills such as first aid, communication and navigation that whilst relevant to the countryside are skills that are beneficial to young people in whatever career path they choose. It is intended that through this scheme, young people who live in or close to the AONB gain a better understanding and sense of belonging to it.

Europarc Junior Ranger camps

Europarc promote and assist in organising an annual camp for Young Rangers to attend from all over Europe. Our Young rangers have attended the camp in the Cairngorms 2008, Spain 2009, Netherlands 2011 and Slovenia 2012 and Finland 2015.  The 2010 camp was hosted by the Mendip Hills AONB in partnership with Goblin Combe Environment Centre and Fernhill Farm.

Mendip Hills Young Rangers Review

A Review of the Mendip Hills AONB Young Ranger scheme (August 2010) by Chris Gledhill Future Directions Consultancy stated that the AONB team ‘had developed a first class young ranger scheme’.  Young Ranger Scheme Report 200810 (PDF download – 580KB)

Junior Ranger Programmes- A good practice guide for protected landscapes (June 2013) (PDF Download 2MB)  is published by Europarc Atlantic Isles. The Mendip Hills AONB Unit has been central to producing the guide and our Young Ranger programme is shown as an exemplar scheme. The Mendip Hills AONB Unit will continue to work with other protected landscapes to develop a national Young Ranger network.

Exchange Trip

Exchange Trip

Advanced Young Rangers

The Advanced Young Ranger scheme ran from 2007 to 2013 as an option for Young Rangers to continue with the AONB upon completion of their 2 year programme.  The scheme offered opportunities to develop their acquired first aid and navigation skills, participate in practical tasks, assist our Mendip Hills AONB Volunteer Rangers and attend the Europarc International Junior Ranger Camp.  From summer 2013, due to reductions in the AONB budget, we no longer run the Advanced Young Ranger scheme.